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We know that finding the right books to prep for the SAT can be a challenge. Thank-you for visiting our page!

These days, the best site for buying SAT books is probably the amazon site, because it has just about every book you could possibly look for. Thus, most of what we recommend will be available from amazon. No matter where you are in the world, amazon can probably get your SAT books to you.

So, without further ado, here are our current recommendations!!

SAT Books We Recommend

  1. The Black Book by Mike Barrett
    SAT books
    The best SAT book is the Black Book.

    This is the best SAT book we’ve ever reviewed in terms of it teaches actual, effective, usable strategies for the SAT. Some of the techniques in this book might seem like gimmicks, or even like cheating, but they are all legitimate and completely effective. When we teach our own local classes, this is the must-have book. It doesn’t matter if you want a 2400 or if you would be happy with just 1800, or anything in between.

  2. The Blue Book by College Board
    SAT Blue Book
    The SAT Blue Book has real SAT questions from the College Board.

    This is also a must-have book for practicing. These are real SAT tests written by the company that writes the official tests. This means you can use these tests as a solid indicator of your performance and improvement before the day you actually take the test. If you can consistently get the score you want on a few of these practice tests, then you should get the same SAT score when you take the test officially. Don’t follow the strategies in this book though. They aren’t good. Use the black book (above) for that.

  3. Ace the Math on the SAT by Loren Meterding
    SAT math
    Advanced math materials.

    This book is a bit over-board for most people, but if you like SAT math, or if you are good at your math classes, but just can’t translate that into SAT performance, then this book may be just the think for you. It goes into a ton of detail about the math section of the SAT. It includes sample questions that are probably harder than the real thing, but that’s okay if you have the Blue Book (above), because the Blue Book will provide you with questions of the authentic difficulty level.

  4. 500 Keywords: Remember Them Forever by Charles Gulotta
    SAT vocabulary
    Cartoons to memorize words with

    This book teaches you vocabulary words that you don’t really need for the SAT. (SAT vocabulary isn’t really very helpful. See the Black Book for a full explanation.) But if you want to increase your vocabulary (who doesn’t?) then this would be the best book for that purpose. It has cartoons that help you memorize the meanings of the words because they stick in your head.

Other people’s lists

Hey, we know that you might want to get some other opinions on the best SAT books. So here are some lists you may be interested in.

Further SAT Resources

Here are some other general reference materials for understanding the SAT.

The SAT article on wikipedia explains the whole, sordid history of the test. It also explains the scoring process, which is something that most people don’t really understand.

Here’s a useful article that explores the topic of SAT preparation in general.

And, of course, if you’re getting ready for this dread exam, you’ll need to visit the home page for the College Board more than a few times!

Finally, here is a useful video on the SAT essay:

Thank-you for reading our SAT book reviews! Good luck!!

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