Renowned SAT Tutor Anthony-James Green to Release His Self-Study Program to the Public for the First Time Since its Inception

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 06, 2012

For the first time ever, Anthony-James Green, a renowned SAT tutor from New York City, will be releasing his self-review SAT plan to the public.

For decades, SAT classroom courses have been the go-to selection for college students and dad and mom looking to boost their scores. Due to the fact the biggest test prep companies with the greatest budgets use these classroom programs as their principle source of revenue, their promoting budgets advertise a self-fulfilling prophecy: men and women use courses because they don’t know about other choices, and their use of these lessons fuels the promoting needed to blot out all other choices from the scope of future generations of students.

The problem: these lessons do not operate. And, according to New York City SAT tutor Anthony-James Green, they never ever have.

“The acceptance of SAT classroom courses relies on one issue: consumer ignorance,” says Green, a one-on-one particular SAT trainer whose regular pupil improves by more than 380 factors. “Mothers and fathers don’t realize two key facts when it comes to SAT prep. The 1st is that ANY publicity to SAT techniques will create SOME benefits in any pupil. The second is that, between the obtainable possibilities, these courses are following to useless. Mothers and fathers see these lessons as “the point to do,” and therefore they pay out 1000′s of bucks for them with no studying their other options. This is a pity, because they’d be much better off investing in just about any different choice.”

As a lot more analysis into the science of learning is finished, the outcomes become more glaringly evident: classroom studying is ineffective. It isn’t going to market user engagement, customization, or suggestions, the three essential factors of any important finding out plan. But it is incredibly worthwhile.

“Every person who knows anything at all about schooling is aware of that classroom understanding is a sham,” says Green. “They also know that it’s scalable. Throw 20 students in a classroom, charge them each and every $ one,500, and voila! You have produced $ 30,000, and you are paying out a single teacher an hourly rate a bit over minimal wage. This ludicrous profit margin can be invested proper back into marketing, and so the cycle continues. Sure, the solution stinks – but if you can outspend all your competitors, people will nonetheless get it.”

The problem is that folks don’t know what results to anticipate. On regular, the common classroom pupil improves his or her scores by all around 40-70 points. This, in accordance to Green, is “pitiful.”

“Mothers and fathers see their children go up 40, 50, 60 points and say, “hey, appear, it did anything.” But this degree of score improvement is a joke. You could increase your score by 50 points by taking two practice tests. Dad and mom should be expecting score improvements in the 3-500 level variety, but simply because they’ve been hoodwinked by the bigger firms, they don’t even go searching for that kind of improvement.”

Parents and students seeking for Green’s totally free guide, “100 Points in a hundred Minutes,” can download it for cost-free by signing up for his mailing checklist at his major booking site:

To treatment this dilemma, Green is in the method of releasing his very own program to the public for the extremely first time. Green’s college students boost their scores by an typical of practically 400 factors, and often increase by as a lot to 700-800 points, making use of his methods. Green, who is now booked practically 18 months in advance for his 1-on-a single providers, was “sick of turning men and women down – I can not help them, and I cannot get paid – a get rid of-drop situation for absolutely everyone concerned.”

Green’s plan, named The 90 Day SAT Prescription, is a phase-by-phase, 90-day program that any pupil can use to increase his or her scores by hundreds of points. The product, which launches January 3rd, is at the moment accepting cost-free pre-buy sign-ups here:

“I have never ever been so excited by something I’ve accomplished,” says Green of his 90 Day Prescription. “This is the first time that anybody has been able to mix the components of a well-structured studying prepare with the required element of versatility. My program tells college students Specifically what to do each day, each and every day for 90 days, but what they do depends on THEIR distinctive demands, strengths, and weaknesses. I support college students to analyze their own functionality, break down their weaknesses, and isolate the places they require to emphasis on most. If the consumers of my plan are even half as profitable as my personalized students, this product will alter the whole industry.”

The 90 Day SAT Prescription will value $ 379.95 after it truly is launched on January 3rd of 2013, but parents and students can get a totally free $ one hundred low cost code if they indicator up for Green’s pre-launch record here:

$ 100 Off the 90 Day SAT Prescription – Totally free

Green is also guaranteeing his item. Any purchaser who “isn’t 100% pleased – what ever that implies to him or her” merely needs to send Green’s firm an e mail for a one hundred% money-back refund. “When people see how properly this program works, they’re going to try out to send me More money. The results produced by this launch will change lives. The university scholarships developed by these sorts of score improvements will pay for the item 10X more than. At a minimum.”

Green has been known as New York’s ideal SAT tutor. As the founder of Test Prep Authority, writer of 4 books on the subject of SAT prep, creator of Vivid Vocab, a wildly well-known SAT vocabulary application, and co-creator of Every School Question Answered, Green has previously made a mark on the SAT prep market. The launch of the 90 Day SAT Prescription will be his 1st entry into the “total program” market place.

Green lives in downtown Manhattan, the place he tutors one particular-on-one SAT prep total-time when not developing his merchandise and instruction other tutors.


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